Welcome to PaymentVision’s online payment portal. PaymentVision is a 3rd party processor for Bayside Credit. Payments collected on this site are applied to your loan with Bayside Credit.

To login, you will need to enter your Account Number and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. Your Account Number can be located on your monthly statement.

In order to provide the convenience of an online payment option, you will be charged a convenience fee in the amount of $5.95. The $5.95 fee will be added to the payment amount. You may avoid paying a convenience fee by utilizing one of the following options:

1. You may mail a check or or money order to:

Bayside Credit
PO Box 10847
Newport Beach, CA 92658

2. You may contact Bayside Credit at 949-284-8818 or toll-free at 877-254-9409 to set up recurring ACH payments.
Account Number
Last 4 Digits of SSN

By making your payment by way of this web site, you are consenting to receive the following communications electronically: receipt of payment, sent to the e-mail address you have previously registered with us. Your consent remains in effect until you give us notice that you are withdrawing it. You also agree that Bayside Credit does not need to provide you with an additional paper (non-electronic) copy of the Communications disclosed herein. Bayside Credit offers this on-line payment Option as a convenience to its customers. Bayside Credit reserves the right to deny or cancel access to this Option in its exclusive discretion at any time. If your Account is already late or is in default, your electronic payment of all delinquent amounts owing will not cure the late or default status until Bayside Credit receives notice of the on-line payment. This may take a couple of days, especially if you make the payment when Bayside Credit is not open for business, such as outside our normal business hours, on a holiday, or over a weekend. Otherwise, you must contact us to advise us of your payment and to obtain confirmation from us that your Account is current. If your payment charges-back or your electronic payment does not clear for any reason, your account will go back to the prior status, including any default or late status, and you will be responsible for late charges, interest, and any other charges or penalties to the extent permitted by your contract or law.

I have read and understand the above notice(s).