To access your account you will need to have your reference number and your 5 digit zip code as found on the letter(s) we have sent you.
To make a payment on multiple accounts you must repeat the payment process and enter a reference number for each account you're making payment on.
If you do not have a reference number for an account you wish to make a payment on, please call 1-866-910-2607.
Reference Number:
(Found on our letters or by calling 866-910-2607)
Zip Code:
(5 digit zip code of the billing address found on our letters to you)  
Legal Notice

I understand MiraMed Revenue Group, LLC is a debt collector and that this is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. I confirm that I am the patient/guarantor or have the patient/guarantor’s authorization to view the account information I am attempting to access.

Click here to see state specific credit and collection notices.

I have read and understand the above notices.